School of Environment

Sandra Anderson

Job title: Field Ecologist
Phone: 64 9 373 7599 ext 85290
Office: Rm 343, Building 733,Tamaki Campus, Auckland
Postal: School of Environment, The University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland


MSc (Auckland)


Research Interests:

- plant-animal mutualisms
- biotic pollination and seed dispersal
- biodiversity and the management of ecosystem functions


Most recent publications:

Kelly, D., Robertson, A., Ladley, J., Anderson, S. & McKenzie, R. (2006). The relative (un)importance of introduced animals as pollinators and dispersers of native plants. In Biological Invasions in New Zealand (ed. R. B. Allen & W. G. Lee). Springer, Berlin.

Anderson, S. H., Kelly, D., Robertson, A. W., Ladley, J. & Innes, J. (2006). Birds as pollinators and dispersers: a case study from New Zealand. Acta Zoologica Sinica (52): 112-115

Buckley Y. M., Anderson S., Catterall C.P., Corlett R.T., Engel T., Gosper C.R., Nathan R., Richardson D.M., Setter M, Spiegel O., Vivian-Smith G., Voigt F.A., Weir J.E.S., Westcott D.A. (2006) Management of plant invasions mediated by frugivore interactions. Journal of Applied Ecology 43:848-857

Russell, J., Towns, D., Anderson S., Clout, M. (2005). Intercepting the first rat ashore. Nature 437 (20) 1107




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